What Makes a Good e-Commerce Checkout Experience?

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The checkout process is the ultimate step in the process of completing online purchases. Evidence has shown that a well-planned checkout experience has the potential to significantly improve conversions.

Follow these tips for the best checkout experience, and you will increase conversions plus get bigger basket sizes.

Follow these tips for the best checkout experience, and you will increase conversions plus get bigger basket sizes.

Most successful online retailers partly owe their success to a well-planned checkout design. Their checkouts present to site visitors the opportunity to purchase more, they reward registered users and are more adaptive. You also can improve the checkout experience of your site’s visitors if you borrow a few tricks down here.

A “Best Practice” Shopping Cart Design

If you want to improve shoppers’ experience on your site, the shopping cart should be well designed. For example, when a shopper adds something to the cart, there should be clear confirmation that he has added something to the cart.

Most sites miss out on a great opportunity to improve conversions by failing to display a proper confirmation that a person has added something to their shopping cart, or by showing a tiny animation, or displaying a small confirmation text that is hard to notice.

Some online retailers make the cart appear with a small but noticeable animation. Including animation in the shopping cart design is a good strategy as the human eye often reacts to movement.

Besides, the animation is a cue that indicates the visitor has transitioned from being just a visitor to a buyer. The cart contents along with the checkout button should remain distinctly visible as well until the user clicks somewhere else.

The shopping cart design should be designed in such a way that it can display the cart contents well. The most common rules for displaying the contents of the shopping cart is clarity and control.

Control means that the shopper is able and can easily make changes to what is in the shopping cart by updating the quantity, or removing products he no longer wants. Clarity means that it is easy and obvious to understand what is in the cart as well as the final cost, taxes and if there any shipping charges.

If there are surprise or unforeseen costs down the line, shoppers may abandon their cart.

Giving Shoppers the Option to Continue Shopping

Most successful e-commerce stores offer customers the ample opportunity to continue shopping from the first page of the checkout process.

Encourage your customers to continue shopping and you will make more sales per customer, resulting in bigger profits from the same traffic

Encourage your customers to continue shopping and you will make more sales per customer, resulting in bigger profits from the same traffic

Best practices dictate that the ‘continue shopping’ button or link should be relatively small but visible all the same so as to grant interested shoppers the ability to add more products to their shopping carts without distracting them from checking out to make a purchase.

Make Registration Worthwhile

Amazon is the most recognized and most successful online retailer in the United States of America today. Its success is partly because it makes site registration worthwhile- for example, you’d need to register with the site before you can make a purchase.

If you are a logged in as an Amazon Prime user, you can purchase items with a single click, thus, making the purchase process a lot simpler and faster.

When you are not logged on Amazon, the checkout flow can take five clicks. That is a long time!

Quick tip: You can also use affiliate marketing as an alternative method for eCommerce with Amazon – this Fresh Store Builder review will show you in more detail.

In most other sites that have made site registration worthwhile, the checkout flow takes an average of about five to eight clicks- not counting clicks made to move between various form fields. In each case, registered users have fewer steps to complete to finalize the transaction.

Macy, for instance, offers an express checkout link and indicates that if users are registered, they can skip a significant portion of the normal checkout process.

Thus, new customers opt to register so as to have an express checkout option the next time they are shopping at the site.

Remind Shoppers about Shipping, Security, and Returns

Under the checkout button, remind people of how long it will take before they get their goods, how much shipping costs, and if the transaction is secure.

Ask for Credit Card Information Last

It is good practice to let people fill out the shipping information first before being asked for billing details.

That is in line with Cialdini’s principles of consistency and commitment that provide that the moment people begin doing something, they feel that they should finish it- especially since they have already provided their name, shipping information, and email.

The same thing applies to the form fields. Start with easier fields such as the name and email. The credit card number field should come last as it is the hardest.

Lastly, include a progress indicator

Checkouts are different in terms of complexity. Some have three steps, others six steps, others just one step, etc. Most customers would be aching to know how many steps are remaining before they finish the process.

Show your customers what stage of the checkout they are at, and how far they have to go, and they will be more likely to complete the purchase.

Show your customers what stage of the checkout they are at, and how far they have to go, and they will be more likely to complete the purchase.

Therefore, design your checkout well and you will increase the conversion rates on your site.

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Drop Shipping vs FBA – Which is better?

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Undoubtedly, the area of e-commerce has seen huge growth during the last decade.

As technology improves, modern manufacturers consider drop shipping as well as Amazon’s FBA service as viable alternative ways of delivering products.

The key for every distributor is to determine which of these two options is better.

When you use Drop Shipping or FBA, you take advantage of another companies distribution resources.

When you use Drop Shipping or FBA, you take advantage of another companies distribution resources.

Should you invest your precious capital into a product that may fail to create sales or should you take the safe path and sell someone else’s product?

While the ultimate purpose of selling is making a profit, every selling method carries various risks and offers specific benefits. Unlike affiliate marketing methods like this, you will need a decent investment in stock and/or marketing to get started.

That is why studying every process thoroughly can help you make a better decision that supports your business vision. Without further ado, we will try to cover each method in detail.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is one of the most effective retail fulfillment models. This type of model allows you to receive orders and forward them to the manufacturer, who then handles the packaging and shipping processes himself.

Drop shipping manufacturers typically ship their products under your brand name and packaging in order to treat your customers to a high level of quality.

Drop shipping means you only pay for stock when you need it. It is lower risk but also results in lower profit margins.

Drop shipping means you only pay for stock when you need it. It is lower risk but also results in lower profit margins.

Usually, those who don’t want to allocate capital to inventory find this method very attractive. You will find that this kind of strategy is very common among large e-tailers like Amazon and eBay.

Despite the fact that Amazon stocks a large variety of items, some of the listed products are sold by individual merchants through the website.

Similar to how eBay works, Amazon facilitates the sale and resolves any arising problems.

What is FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)?

FBA is essentially a service that gives sellers the ability to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

When one of these products gets sold, Amazon handles the customer service as well as the packaging and shipping process on behalf of the seller. That way FBA relieves sellers from the hassle of fulfilling orders.

If you are planning on using this service you have to keep prices updated, perform a thorough quality control and keep the inventory clear.

Also, it is crucial to price your products aggressively in order to keep control of your profit margins.

Note that your goods are eligible for Amazon Prime as well as Super saver shipping services. In theory, Amazon created this model in order to simplify the selling process and attract new sellers.

Both FBA and Drop Shipping are smart options for starting your online retail business. Which one is right for you?

Both FBA and Drop Shipping are smart options for starting your online retail business. Which one is right for you?

There are many methods for getting products into the hands of your customers. Drop shipping and Order Fulfillment are two similar ways but each one offers different pros and cons.

So how do you know which method is right for you? Let’s break this down in a simple way in order to understand the process.

Dropshipping Advantages.

  • There is a very low risk associated with this delivery method. Once you get approved , you can access thousands of manufacturers and their products.
  • If you know how to upload your products, you can start selling almost immediately.
  • You don’t own your inventory, so you are not subject to any additional risks.
  • You have the ability to test hundreds of new products and approaches in order to find the best one, since running your business requires no upfront cost.
  • As you don’t handle the shipping and packaging processes, you can devote more of your time to the core of your business.

Dropshipping Disadvantages

  • Be aware of the scammers. If you google your niche next to drop shipping you will be presented with various lists and unknown websites of companies that offer drop shipping.
  • Competition is very intense, as everyone has the ability to sell the exact same products that you sell, lowering your profit margins.
  • Wholesale Discounts. Since you are not purchasing your products in bulk, chances are you cannot benefit from large discounts.
  • If an unsatisfied customer wants to return a product, you have to act as an intermediary between the buyer and your supplier in order to address the issue.
  • With drop shipping, you always carry the risk of a buyer ordering an unavailable product.
  • It is important for every seller to thoroughly check his supplier’s terms and conditions.

FBA advantages

  • Automation. Once you establish yourself on Amazon, selling becomes a pretty straightforward process. All you have to worry about is promoting your products in the best way possible.
  • Building your own brand. One of the most attractive advantages of order fulfillment is that you can label your products and create your own brand name. I find this way to be more effective when compared to selling other people’s products.
  • Customers start to associate your brand with a niche and when this happens, you have a viable advantage against competitors.
  • With this method, you are in charge of your inventory and you are aware of the availability of your products.
  • Increased margins. Since you are purchasing your inventory in bulk, you can negotiate purchase prices. That way you increase your profit margins while strengthening your position against competitors.

FBA Disadvantages

  • Start-up costs are very high since you have to purchase a product in bulk.
  • Amazon requires a capital of at least $5000.
  • Amazon gives limited information, so you don’t know the best converting keywords or what others are searching for.

To conclude, both methods offer specific advantages and drawbacks so it is up to you to select which one fits better to your business approach.

Think about how you want to run your online business, how much risk you want to take and how much commitment you are prepared to give.

Think about how you want to run your online business, how much risk you want to take and how much commitment you are prepared to give.

Just make sure you understand the terms of every commitment and think ahead to how you want your online retail business to run in the future.

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How to build and optimize an eCommerce website

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No doubt, when it comes to creating eCommerce sales, there are many factors that are involved.

However, the reason that some eCommerce websites are great and make more sales than others is because they connect users to products with an efficient, easy and fun system.

When strategically designing an eCommerce website for more sales, there are many basic steps that can be carried out to enhance and improve a shopper’s online shopping experience.

When it comes to building a website, following a few simple guidelines is all it takes.

Get a Domain Name: Buying and establishing a domain name is the first necessary step that that needs to be undertaken by people who are building a website. People should essentially be getting a domain name that is somewhat relevant to the nature of their website.

Select a Web Host: Every website that is operating on the internet requires certain important files that it is running on and these files essentially need to be safely stored at a specific place. Thus, this safe storage space that is needed by these website files is made available on servers and the space can be rented through web hosting services.

Build Web Pages: Once the domain is being hosted on the server of the selected web hosting company, the process of designing the website and adding relevant content to the website, can then be started.

Building a website from scratch can be complicated, but you can pay for services that do it for you.

Building a website from scratch can be complicated, but you can pay for services that do it for you.

Boosting Sales with Strategic eCommerce Design

Keep the navigation easy and simple: Shoppers who visit an ecommerce website will only buy the product if they can easily figure out how to get to it. Therefore, an ecommerce website should be simplified with clear titles for every category and subcategory.

Get an excellent search bar: Along with being easy to navigate, practically all successful ecommerce websites have an excellent search bar. Through a search bar, shoppers are able to conveniently and quickly find precisely what they are looking for. Having a large search bar separated from the rest of the website’s tabs is a great idea.

Keep the payment system simple: It is recommended that the payment should be easy. A streamlined and straightforward checkout will only further encourage shoppers to purchase a product from the website. According to a study, a one click checkout can improve the rate of buying among shoppers by 20%.

Using a quick, professional and modern payment is crucial to increasing sales.

Using a quick, professional and modern payment is crucial to increasing sales.

The best example of an ecommerce website with a one click checkout is definitely Amazon. Taking a note from their playbook, the payment system of an ecommerce website should be made as simple as it can be.

Have additional checkout features: Along with having a straightforward payment system, shoppers should not feel that there is a lack of options on the eCommerce website. Services like personalized notes, receipts, returns and wrapping should be offered.

Showcase products in an attractive manner: eCommerce website owners spend a lot of time on their product, so showing off their product in the best possible quality is also in their best interest. Regardless of what product is being sold, incorporating a product photo with lifestyle-oriented setting will give users an idea of what it would be like to use the product.

It is not necessary that a professional photographer will be required for great pictures. Images on an eCommerce website can be improved in several ways without breaking the bank.

Provide shoppers with essential and relevant details: In the retail world, an evolution has occurred in data-sharing. Basic information about products, such as availability, color and sizing, is certainly essential. However, providing customers with information on how a product was made, what other customers are saying about it and how it will be shipped is necessary too.

Ensure shipping costs are apparent on the website: Even before a shopper makes the final checkout, it should be made sure that shipping costs become apparent to shoppers on the eCommerce website. It will be less probable that shoppers will abandon their cart if they know about the extra shipping charges early on.

Maximizing Sales on your eCommerce Website

Selling products on the Internet through an eCommerce website is somewhat of a science. To attract customers, the creative prowess of both a design and marketing genius is required in order to make conversions take place.

Thus, conversion rates of an eCommerce website can be improved and more sales can be made by strategically designing the website according to the above tips.

For further tips on how to maximize sales on your eCommerce website, check out this great video:

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The 3 best hosted eCommerce platforms

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If you want to set up an online store which is powerful and efficient, using a hosted eCommerce platform is your best option.

The biggest benefit it has is that many of the technical features are already pre-installed for your convenience. This means that you wouldn’t need to have a web hosting company or to setup a payment processor.

The security of the website is also guaranteed to be exceptional. Many people get worried that they have to create web designs and write code. However, since the website is already prepped and ready, you don’t even need to hire a web designer or developer.

All you have to do is choose the design you prefer and go through the step by step setup process. It’s generally very fast and convenient.

There are plenty of platforms to choose from which have been around for years. Today, we will be going through the best hosted eCommerce platforms to help you choose the best one for you.


Shopify is the market leading hosted eCommerce platform

Shopify is the market leading hosted eCommerce platform

This market leading service has approximately 120,000 customers worldwide. It is considered to be the most popular cloud based eCommerce platform in the world.

Shopify is wonderfully designed and was built with the users’ best interests in mind. The layout of the technical infrastructure is very strong.

When you use this website, you will be surprised at how professional your store will look; setting up an online website has never been easier.

The main goal of Shopify is to be a reputable online store builder. However, they now also incorporate a point of sale system related to offline selling. It is able to conveniently track orders as well as print receipts.

The easy to use interface of this website makes it the most popular choice for businesses.



Bigcommerce offers great benefits to larger scale customers

This website started in 2003 and the company has been developing their shopping cart software ever since.

Interspire, which is a self-hosted ecommerce platform, was discontinued in 2012. The company spent eleven years building Interspire but instead decided to focus on Bigcommerce exclusively.

Statistics released in 2015 revealed that the website has approximately 55,000 online stores. Collectively, it has sold more than $4 billion worth of merchandise.

The best thing about using this service is that they don’t charge any transaction fees for large accounts. If you choose a plan which is more than $79.95 a month, you can take advantage of this privilege.

Bigcommerce is considered to be one of the most affordable platforms for large scale ecommerce occupations.

3. 3D CART

3DCart is considered the cheapest of the top hosted eCommerce solutions

3DCart is considered the cheapest of the top hosted eCommerce solutions

Similar to Bigcommerce, 3D Cart also has no transaction fees.

They offer five varieties of pricing tiers; the most affordable starts at $19.99 while the most expensive is at $129.99.

The website also has a wide range of options and features to allow the customer to customize their store. Compared to other eCommerce platforms, they offer the lowest prices.

It’s important to know that despite the use of Javascript on their templates, it still performs fast and efficiently – Their default store’s average loading time is 500-700ms (significantly better than Shopify’s results which are 900-1600ms).

If you’re looking for a platform where you’ll be able to manage all aspects of your store, then 3D Cart is the best option for you.

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eCommerce For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know About eCommerce

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Learning more about eCommerce you will not only make your life easier but it will also make your business much more successful. If you want to learn how to use eCommerce to your advantage and prosper business-wise, make sure that you learn more about eCommerce. Everything a beginner needs to know about eCommerce can be found in this short and informative article. Therefore, make sure that you read it, as you will most certainly will learn a lot from it.

eCommerce Will Make Your Life Easier
Would you like to make your life easier? Who wouldn’t! If you’re into marketing, or if you own a company, eCommerce is bound to make your life easier. Not only will you be able to make your company much more successful but you will also acquire a new skill that will come in handy when it comes to developing your business, or your personal resume. All in all, eCommerce will definitely make your life easier, because it will put an emphasis on moderating your online site, rather than working in the store.

In addition to that, it will also expand your customer base, and you are bound to find that the world is your customer base. In other words, not only that you will open your door to success, but you will also open your door too many people would like to buy your things in the future.
You Will Save Your Resources
eCommerce is all about saving your resources. You will save money by employing less people, you will save time by reaching customers online, and you will save time by selling things in person. All in all, eCommerce will make an impact on your business, and hopefully a positive one. Sometimes people are not sure when it comes to making something new, or introducing changes to the otherwise well-developed business. However, you should be aware that any novelty that could save you time and money, as well as your resources, is worthwhile that you give it a go.
You Can Do It Yourself
You will not have to hire a team of professionals in order to be able to conduct eCommerce. eCommerce will allow you to conduct your business over an electronic network, but it will also allow you to let others individuals in your company moderate the network and work on it.

Needless to say, you can do it on your own, you can hire professionals, you can include other members of your team – but what the most important thing is that eCommerce will do well for your business and it will enhance your business.

Internet As A World Of Possibilities

The Internet has opened the door to a world of possibilities out there, and this in particular refers to online shopping, Internet shopping and eCommerce. If you want to keep up with the current trends, modernize your business, and record success in the future, make sure that you turn to the Internet and everything it has to offer.

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